Aspectos de la vida privada de la clase alta de Valparaíso: la casa, la familia y el hogar entre 1830 y 1880

Juan Eduardo Vargas Cariola

HISTORIA Nº32, Santiago 1999, 617-684.


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This article-based on the study of contemporary wills, lawsuits, letters, newspapers and memoirs-reconstructs certain aspects of the privae life of the upper class of Valparaíso in the 19th century: their houses, their marriages, their values and ideas, and their home life and pastimes. During the period covered by this study it is possible to observe certain changes in a significant part of this group. Thus, during the last third of the century the plain hose gave way to the “mansion”: money and ostentation became increasingly important, weakening the old values of hard work, sobriety and family unity among the Valparaíso elite. Without exploring the more profound reasons for this evolution, the author suggests that this could be due to the admiration with which that sector regarded the upper class of Santiago, given that the new lifestyle adopted was practically the same as the one of the elites in the capital.

Keywords: Privae life, Valparaiso, elites.