El gobierno de los jesuitas en la Provincia peruana, 1630-1650


  • René Millar Carvacho Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Based mainly with the correspondence between the General of the Order and the provincial heads, this article studies the administration of the Jesuit Province of Perú between 1630 and 1650. It shows that, in practice, the government of the province was exercised directly by the General, as was, in factm prescribed in the constitutions of the constitutions of the order. Centralization was such that no matter of any importance was decided without consulting Rome. The General intervened in the nomination of the superiors, in the granting of degrees to members of the order, in the management of the schools and houses, in the granting of permissions to publish and other affairs. But he also decided on other very trivial matters, and did so knowing that in could lead to situations which could affect the discipline or the prestige of the order. The letter from the General also show that the Jesuit province of Perú was beset y numerous problems, the most important of which refer to economic and disciplinary questions.