"La Hora", 1935-1951. Desarrollo institucional de un diario político


  • Juan Ricardo Couyoumdjian Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


The rise and decline of La Hora, the daily newspaper founded in 1935 as a mouthpiece of the Radical Party in opposition to the second Alessandri Administration, follows a paralell to the fate of the Party itself. This article traces the role of Pedro Aguirre Cerda in the foundation of the paper, the changes in ownership and administration, and its financial situation. Under the direct administration of the Radical Party leadership after 1947, the company reached a state of collapse before president González Videla requested Germán Picó and Raúl Jaras to take it over. This operation, which gave rise to much adverse comment at the lime, is analysed in detail, together with the circumstances which led to the demise of La Hora and its replacement by a new tabloid, La Tercera.




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Couyoumdjian, J. R. (1998). "La Hora", 1935-1951. Desarrollo institucional de un diario político. Historia, 31(1), 5–56. Recuperado a partir de https://revistahistoria.uc.cl/index.php/rhis/article/view/15783